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Wageningen Writing Lab

Writing Lab offers a series of supporting activities for students of Wageningen University to help them improve their writing skills and develop new writing strategies.

Wageningen Writing Lab: Practical help in times of distance education

During the academic year 2020-2021, much of the education will be online. In this situation it can be more difficult to continue studying and working effectively. Therefor Wageningen Writing Lab offers extra activities to support you.

Our activities:

*Online Individual Writing Tutoring

Discussing your text and your writing process is a very helpful way to keep motivated, but also your writing will be improved. The Writing Lab tutors are trained to support you in this.

*Study Support Groups

You can join a group of 8-12 students to share experiences and help each other stay motivated and planning effectively. A student coach will help the group starting up.

Want to know more about the above mentioned activaties? Send an e-mail to: Or call 0317485625, or send a message via WhatsApp: 0654318201.

First reactions of students 

"I really enjoyed the session this afternoon and thanks for the hand-outs. I will surely put what I learned into my current writing. I did recommend the WWL to my friends. Wish you all the best helping people improving writing"

"I have valued the session, even though I am now in my second MSc year. So, think how much better I could have been now had this service been available in my first year!"

"You have really given me a new view on things. Now I feel I can really proceed!"