Working together for healthy and robust animals

Working together for healthy and robust animals

Healthy and robust animals that provide us with safe and healthy food in a sustainable and responsible manner - this is the main task of Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding & Genomics. We do this in close national and international cooperation with, for example, breeding companies and scientific partners and with a keen eye for the demands and expectations of society.

Diversity is our strength. With excellent research and education we support sustainable animal and fish breeding and genomics.
Lucia Kaal – General Manager Animal Breeding & Genomics


On this page we present a number of appealing examples of our research and show the diversity and impact of our work.

About our research

The need for resilient animals

Agriculture is on the eve of major changes. Climate change and the challenge to continue to provide a growing world population with healthy food without depleting the earth’s resources require a transition to a climate-smart and circular food system. We need resilient, robust animals that can cope with changing circumstances, animals that are healthy and stay healthy, so that the risks of animal diseases, zoonoses and antibiotic resistance remain manageable.

New developments

Modern breeding must be able to select for complex traits such as animal health, welfare and environmental impact. We are developing the knowledge and tools for this. New developments in the field of big data and sensor technology are making this possible.

For all animals

We are not only concerned with farm animals. Our knowledge of breeding and genetics is also of great value for companion animals, zoo animals and (endangered) wild animals, for example for breeding programmes to prevent inbreeding. A great deal of knowledge and experience, gained from the animals that have been domesticated for a longer period of time, can also be applied to fish farming, a field that will become increasingly important in the coming decades.

Animal Breeding & Genomics

To perform excellent animal breeding and genomic research and education to create knowledge which contributes to sustainable livestock and fish production in an international context.