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Education - prof.dr. BJ (Bas) Zwaan


YBT-80324 BSc Thesis Biotechnology
ENT-54306 Insect Ecology
ABG-51806 Wildlife Conservation Genetics
GEN-30806 Population and Quantitative Genetics
YML-80321 BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences
PBR-21306 Biosystematics, Evolution and Agrobiodiversity
GEN-70439 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-80436 MSc Thesis Genetics
NEM-52306 Concepts and Theories of Healthy Aging
GEN-70424 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-70427 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-70430 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-70433 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-70436 MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-80424 MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-80427 MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-80430 MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-80433 MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-80439 MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-11306 Evolution and Systematics
GEN-31302 Population Genetics (online)
YPS-82318 BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
YBI-85812 BSc Thesis Biology
YBI-70324 BSc Internship Biology
GEN-50401 Capita Selecta Genetics
GEN-50403 Capita Selecta Genetics
GEN-50404 Capita Selecta Genetics
GEN-50406 Capita Selecta Genetics
GEN-50901 Capita Selecta Evolutionary Biology
GEN-50903 Capita Selecta Evolutionary Biology
GEN-50904 Capita Selecta Evolutionary Biology
GEN-50906 Capita Selecta Evolutionary Biology