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Research projects in progress

2016 - present The Camp

Recent research projects

2011 - 2015 Moroccan Dreams: Project Leader, with Lauren Wagner, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

2011 - 2015 Critical Theories of Travel and Landscape: Project Leader, with Tim Oakes, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

2011 - 2015 Geopolitics and Biopolitics: Project Leader, with Paolo Giaccaria, University of Turin, Italy

2012 - 2014 Biopolitics, Governmentalities and Emotional Geographies of Historical Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam: Co-investigator, PI Chin Ee Ong, Wageningen University, the Netherlands


Doctoral Supervision

Recently Completed

Maartje Bulkens, The Verbalisation of Cultural Landscapes: Research into the Multiple Meanings of Cultural Landscapes in the Netherlands, and How These Are Expressed in Language, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2009 - 2014



Iulian Barba Lata, Dis-locating Innovation: Studying the Spatiotemporal Conditions of Innovation in Floating Practices, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2011 - present

Radhika Borde, Indigenous Land and the Politics of Voice: The Strategic Representation of Indigeneity, in Activism against Land Acquisition by Mining Companies, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2011 - present

Chih-Chen Trista Lin, Girls and Young Mothers as Beneficiaries and Aspirants in Social Projects Linked to Volunteering and Tourism, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2013 - present   

Peter Kruizinga, Coastal Tourism in Zealand, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, 2013 - present

Zulkhairi Azizi Zainal Abidin, Human Perception on Wildlife Conservation and Management, 2014 - present

Alexandra Rijke, Wall Spatialities: The Daily Geographies of the Wall in Israel/Palestine, 2015 - present

Rodrigo Alves Rolo, The Spaitial Organization of Production in Colonia 25 de Mayo (La Pampa, Argentina). Actor, Conflicts, Tendencies and Perspectives on Land Use Change, 2015 - present

Pieternel Cremers, I Am Going on Holiday and I Am Taking with Me...My Disability: A Study into the Added Value of Holidays and Leisure Activities for Both People with Disabilities as well as the Tourism Industry in The Netherlands, 2015 - present

Eugenie van Heijgen, Hunting Landscapes: A Situated Multispecies Approach to the Past, Present, and Future of Hunting in the Netherlands, 2016 - present

Femke Groenevel, Ecotourism and National Identity in Lebanon, 2016 - present

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