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Education - D (Dick) de Ridder


BIF-80327 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-80330 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-80333 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-80339 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-31306 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
INF-34306 Data Science Concepts
YBT-80324 BSc Thesis Biotechnology
FTE-35306 Machine Learning
BIF-30806 Advanced Bioinformatics
SSB-30306 Molecular Systems Biology
BIF-80324 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-80336 MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-50306 Capita Selecta Bioinformatics
BIF-50302 Capita Selecta Bioinformatics
BIF-50303 Capita Selecta Bioinformatics
BIF-50304 Capita Selecta Bioinformatics
GRS-34806 Deep Learning
BIF-79324 MSc Research Practice Bioinformatics
BIF-70324 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-70327 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-70333 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-70336 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-70339 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-70330 MSc Internship Bioinformatics
YPS-82318 BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
YWU-60312 Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing
BIF-50806 Practical Computing for Biologists
BIF-51306 Data Analysis and Visualization
BIF-51806 Biological Discovery through Computation
BIF-31806 Data Driven Discovery in the Life Sciences: Hypothesis Generation from Omics Data
BIF-20306 Introduction to Bioinformatics