E (Emmanuel) Nyadzi MSc

E (Emmanuel) Nyadzi MSc

Onderzoeker, Promovendus

Emmanuel Nyadzi is a post-doctoral researcher (focus on applied climatology). The central goal of his research is to understand and model the complexities of climate and environmental change on natural and human systems and develop appropriate measures for adaptation. His research strives to address relevant scientific gaps while serving practical needs of society. 

He uses a multi-approach and multi-data research framework to answer complex climate change questions. Thus, he possesses extraordinary interdisciplinary skills in combining both quantitative and qualitative research methods in addition to interpretative tools (models). He also has the expertise in accessing, downscaling, analyzing and interpreting large data sets or atmospheric reanalysis data, climate change projection data, weather and seasonal climate forecast data, remotely sensed satellite data. In addition, he has a great level of experience in using social participatory methods (structured interviews, focus group discussions, games) to inquire human perspective about emerging climate and environmental issues. 

His research interest revolves around:

- Climate Impact, Risk, Vulnerability and Adaptation of different sectors.
-Weather and Climate Information Services for different sectors 
-Ethno-climatology and Citizen Science