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Education - JSC (Han) Wiskerke


RSO-70424 MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-80424 MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80430 MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80436 MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-79324 MSc Research Practice Rural Sociology
RSO-34806 Social Transformations towards Sustainable Food Systems
RSO-21806 Origin Food: People, Place and Products
RSO-33306 Food, Health and Society: An Integrated Socio-Political Perspective
RSO-50806 Capita Selecta Rural Sociology
RSO-51303 Capita Selecta Rural Sociology
ENP-31806 Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption
RSO-12306 Biosystems Engineering and Society
RSO-31806 Sociology of Food and Place
RSO-12806 Eating, Customs and Health
RSO-20806 Agricultural and Rural Development: Sociological Perspectives
YSS-84312 BSc Thesis Health and Society
YSS-82812 BSc Thesis Sociology of Development
FSE-32306 Methodologies for Reading Sustainable Foodscapes