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Education - JP (Jean-Paul) Vincken


FCH-30306 Food Ingredient Functionality
FCH-30806 Advanced Food Chemistry
FHM-30806 Advanced Fermentation Science
FCH-50403 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50404 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50406 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50401 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FPH-35803 Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - From ingredients to food texture (online)
FPH-31306 Advanced Molecular Gastronomy
FCH-22308 Food Properties and Function
YFS-80824 BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
FCH-80418 Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80421 Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-11806 Basics in Food Technology
HNH-30606 Instrumental Sensory Science
FPH-35903 Advanced Molecular Gastronomy - Physical and chemical aspects of flavour pairing (online)
FCH-35303 Food Ingredient Functionality (online)
FCH-37403 Laboratory Class II - Food Ingredient Functionality (online)
FCH-50402 Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-80424 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80427 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80430 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80433 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80436 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80439 MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-20806 Food Chemistry