dr. WJJ (Jos) Bijman

dr. WJJ (Jos) Bijman

Associate Professor of Cooperative Organisations

Jos Bijman is an expert on the organisation of agrifood value chains, with special attention to cooperatives and producer organisations (POs). His research focusses on organisational issues (such as internal governance; member commitment; board-management relationship), as well as the sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness of cooperatives and POs. Het is also an expert on contract farming arrangements and how these contribute to improving quality and sustainability.

Jos Bijman is project manager of the EU H2020 project CO-FRESH "Co-creating sustainable and competitive fruits and vegetables value chains in Europe" (2020-2024).

Jos Bijman is project manager of the LIQUID research and capacity development project on quality improvement and inclusiveness in dairy value chains in Souteast Asia and East Africa. See the LIQUID website for more information on this project.

Jos Bijman is editor of a 2016 book on cooperatives and producer organisations in developing and emerging countries: Cooperatives, Economic Democratization and Rural Development. The key message of this book was that cooperatives in developing countries are transforming from public-service oriented cooperatives, providing goods and services to the whole community, into member-service oriented organisations, providing goods and services mainly to their members. Particularly cooperatives that want to strengthen their marketing activities find themselves in this transformation process.