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The list of on going projects: 

CO-FRESH: The CO-FRESH project aims to provide techniques, tools and insights on how to make agri-food value chains more environmentally sustainable, socio-economically balanced and economically competitive. The project will implement technological and non-technological innovations in several pilots of agri-food value chains (Pilot Cases included in the CO-FRESH consortium), to test how the combination of technological and non-technological (i.e. organisational) innovations at several levels and steps (from farmer to the food-processing to consumer) can improve environmental and socio-economic benefits impact in terms of sustainability.

BEATLES: The BEATLES project seeks to investigate factors that affect the behavioral change of agri-food value chain actors towards climate-smart agriculture and to propose transformative ways of the change via effective business models and evidence-based policy design. 

EWUU alliance on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The project investigates the role of universities in Sustainable Entrepreneurial and regional ecosystems.