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profile_subnav_projects - dr. PA (Pieternel) Luning


  • Towards roadmaps to improve future food safety system (FoodSafety4EU project)
  • Root causes of poor hygienic behaviour in street-food vending in emerging country
  • FS-culture in Australian horticulture sector
  • Identification of key risk factors in safety and authenticity control of heritage food 
  • Auditing principles for food safety culture assessment
  • Context factors influencing perceived appropriateness of meat replacers
  • Concept and tools for risk-based audting
  • Understanding behaviour of chemical compounds in safety control of vegetable oil production
  • Listeria control measures in Ready-To-Eat production


  • An approach towards improving safety and hygiene control practices in emerging dairy chains
  • Mothers considerations and value conflicts when providing snacks to their children
  • Influence FS-culture on food handler behaviour and FS in food processing companies
  • Exploring potential of system dynamics in food design management 
  • Nutritional and sensorial quality of insect products and consumer acceptance
  • Impact quality and logistic control on post-harvest loss in tropical produce chains
  • 3 PhDs on impact of context factors (climate/trade/governance/chain) on FSMS in international fresh produce and meat-based chains - EU-projects Veg-i-trade & PathogenCombat
  • Linking food aroma and texture characteristics to sensory specific satiety (Sensory Specific Satiety-project)
  • Impact of food handlers on safety parameters of French fries prepared in food service establishments
  • Factors influencing acceptance of meat replacers (Profetas project)
  • Tools in consumer-oriented product design
  • Development of a system to measure quality management IMAQ