RM (Roald) Pijpker MSc

RM (Roald) Pijpker MSc

PhD researcher, Promovendus

Roald Pijpker, MSc, is a PhD candidate at the Health and Society, and Rural Sociology chair groups. Roald finished his Secondary Vocational Education (in Dutch; MBO) in Fitness, Health & Management, after which he obtained a BASc degree in Sport, Health & Management, and acquired an MSc degree in Communication, Health & Life Sciences. He has strong interest in understanding how people cope with stressors in a health promoting way, using the salutogenic model of health. His current research focuses on the effect and process evaluation of outdoor therapies for young employees with burnout.

Ongoing research projects:

The potential of green programmes for the rehabilitation of young employees with burnout: a salutogenic approach https://www.wur.nl/en/project/The-potential-of-green-programmes-for-the-rehabilitation-of-young-employees-with-burnout-a-salutogenic-approach.htm

Nature as a treatment room for adults with psychological complaints? https://www.wur.nl/nl/Onderwijs-Opleidingen/wetenschapswinkel/Projecten/Show/De-natuur-als-behandelkamer-voor-volwassenen.htm

Completed research projects:

Education on care farms in the Netherlands: an untapped potential for children with additional needs? https://www.wur.nl/nl/project/Ontwikkeling-en-professionalisering-van-onderwijs-op-de-boerderij-leerarrangementen-in-het-groen.htm