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Education - C (Carla) Oonk


ELS-66900 Networking
ELS-32806 Educational Design and Teaching for Sustainability
ELS-78424 MSc Research Practice Track Entrepreneurship
ELS-58803 Introduction to Learning, Education and Teaching
ELS-59303 Teaching and Training Skills
ELS-59803 Orientation on Education Practice
ELS-56303 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
ELS-70824 MSc Internship Track Entrepreneurship
ELS-79424 MSc Research Practice Track Entrepreneurship
ELS-79324 MSc Research Practice Education and Learning Sciences
ELS-80424 MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
ETE-25812 Environmental Project Studies
ELS-68806 BITT - Learning Journey
WSG-60812 Design of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies