dr. C (Confidence) Duku

dr. C (Confidence) Duku

Climate change (impact) assessment modeller

I am a Geospatial Data Scientist working within the Climate Resilience Team of Wageningen Environmental Research, which is one of the applied research institutes of Wageningen University & Research.

My research harnesses geospatial  data, big data, machine / deep learning and simulation models (crop growth, hydrology, ecosystem services etc.) to provide detailed and timely information for resilient food systems, watersheds and ecosystems. I am currently involved in several ongoing projects in the Netherlands, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. 

Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in geospatial data science for environmental systems analysis with Wageningen University. I also worked as Project Consusltant and GIS & Environmental Modeling Specialist with the Africa Rice Center  in Benin & Cote d'ivoire. Africa RIce Center is one of the 15 centers that make up the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research ( CGIAR ). 

I have a doctorate degree in Environmental Systems Analysis from Wageningen University and a Masters degree in GIS & Environmental Modeling from the University of Hull, UK.