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Education - G (Giuseppe) Olivieri PhD

MSc Chemical Engineering, PhD Biotechnological Sciences


BPE-37306 Economy and Management in Biotechnology
BPE-70224 MSc Internship Bioprocess Engineering
BPE-79224 MSc Research Practice Bioprocess Engineering
BPE-20806 Separation Process Design
BPE-12301 National Excursion Biotechnology
BPE-60312 Bioprocess Design
BPE-80324 MSc Thesis Bioprocess Engineering
BPE-12806 Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT
BCT-32306 Advanced Biorefinery
BPE-36806 Advanced Separation Process Design
FPE-31306 Transfer Processes
BPE-21306 Bioreactor Design
BPE-36306 Advanced Bioreactor Design