dr. IE (Ilona) de Hooge

dr. IE (Ilona) de Hooge

Associate Professor Marketing and Consumer Behaviour & Interim Chair Marketing and consumer Behaviour

Ilona E. de Hooge is currently Associate Professor in Marketing and Consumer Behavior and interim chair holder of the Marketing and Consumer Behavior group..

General Research Topic: In general, my research centres around several interconnected topics, including (but not limited to) emotions (e.g., shame, guilt, pride, gratitude), imperfection, and subjective experiences, sustainability and climate change, consumer, marketing, and supply chain decision-making and behaviour. By thoroughly examining and connecting these different research areas, my goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted dynamics between individuals, their emotions, their sustainable decision-making, and the broader socio-environmental context. By integrating these diverse yet interconnected areas, my research aims to generate valuable insights that can inform and guide individuals, organizations, and policy makers in their efforts to create a more sustainable and climate-resilient future. 

Background: Originally, I studied the influences of shame and guilt on consumer behavior. Currently, I have extended my research to the influences of all types of emotions (both positive and negative) on sustainable and climate-reated consumer and marketing decision making (e.g.,sustainable behavior, food waste, imperfect products, product repair, online retailing, and gift giving). Moreover, I study how concepts such as authenticity, emotions, and positive experiences can be used in marketing and CB (e.g. to promote sustainable choices or suboptimal foods). My research has been published in the top journals in marketing, social psychology, sustainability, and food journals.

Other activities: I am interim chair holder of the MCB group, Associate Editor at Frontiers in Psychology, part of the Education Board of WUR, NWO and WUR selection committee member, and organizer of the MCB Inspiration series and annual PhD day. I teach courses in CB, marketing, supply chain networks, sustainability, and food at the bsc, msc and phd level and have been nominated multiple times for the Best Teacher of the Year Award.

Research projects: I have been awarded the NWO Aspasia grant for research on emotion dynamics, the KIDV/TIFN research grant for emotions in e-commerce, the EU SUSFOOD grant for research on imperfect foods (Welcome to COSUS - an ERA-Net SUSFOOD project | NMBU), the ERIM and WUR Excellence in Research Grant, and the WUR Science Shop Grant for research on emotional sustainability (Design for Emotional Sustainability: creating long-lasting consumer-product relationships - WUR).