IB (Imme) Benedict PhD

IB (Imme) Benedict PhD

Lecturer & researcher

I am a lecturer and researcher working in the field of hydrometeorology.

As a researcher I study the atmospheric water balance, both extreme cases such as floods and drought, but also changes in the seasonal cycle towards the future. To do so, I analyse global climate model output, and I make use of moisture tracking algorithms to study how moisture travelled through the atmosphere (from evaporation to precipitation, or back in time from precipitation to evaporation).

I am currently involved in the development of the atmospheric moisture tracking tool WAM-2layers. The code can be found on GitHub: WAM2layersTeam (github.com)

Besides, I contribute to the EU Horizon 2020 nextGEMS project (nextGEMS | Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems (nextgems-h2020.eu)), where two global climate models are run globally at kilometer-scale resolution. Within this project, I study the impact of increased spatial resolution on simulating the water cycle over land.

Regarding education, I coordinate the second year BSc course Meteorology & Climate and the third year BSc course Atmospheric Practical. Both courses are part of the bachelor’s program Soil, Water, Atmosphere. Furthermore, I am the contact person related to questions on education in the field of meteorology.