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Education - M (Martijn) Duineveld

Courses in which I teach:

Tourism & Globalization | Human Geography | Reflections on Planning and Design Practices |  | Empowerment for Sustainability | Tourism Destination Management

Postgraduate supervision:

Rodrigo Alves Rolo | Beyond the planning void. The renaissance of spatial planning in Argentina in the 21st Century | 2015 – present

Former Postgraduate supervision:

Christine Ampumuza | 2016-2021 | Batwa, Gorillas and the Ruhija Road: a relational perspective on controversies at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda | Download PDF

Harald Buitendijk | 2015-2021 | Innovation in Tourism |

Arjaan Pellis | Conflicts Forever. Understanding the Role of Conflicts in Conservation Tourism | 2014 – 2019 | Download PDF

Iulian Barba Lata | The spatiotemporal conditions of innovation processes| 2011-2017

Radhika Borde | Sacred Land and the Politics of Voice: The strategic representation of indigeneity, in activism against land acquisition by mining companies – a focus on India | 2011 – 2017


LAR-37306 Reflections on Planning and Design Practices
ELS-21806 Empowerment for Sustainability
GEO-79324 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
GEO-10306 Human Geography
GEO-70424 MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO-80424 MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
GEO-80436 MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
GEO-70224 MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO-79224 MSc Research Practice Cultural Geography
GEO-31306 Tourism & Globalization
GEO-51806 Capita Selecta Cultural Geography