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Education - dr. M (Milena) Holmgren Urba

Current PhD students

  • Enahu Tahitu


Former PhD students

  • Mhosisi Masocha. 2010. Savanna aliens (Now Assistant Professor, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe).
  • Honore S.S. Biaou. 2009. Tree recruitment in West African dry woodlands: the interactive effects of climate, soil, fire and grazing (Now: Assistant Professor, University of Parakou, Benin).
  • Acácio V. 2009. The dynamics of cork oak systems in Portugal: the role of ecological and land use factors (Now: Researcher, University of Lisbon, Portugal).


WEC-79324 MSc Research Practice Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group
WEC-20306 Climate Change Ecology
WEC-31306 Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
WEC-80424 MSc Thesis Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group