PA (Paulina) Krzysica MSc

PA (Paulina) Krzysica MSc

Externe medewerker

One of the main risk factors for Salmonella infection in humans are eggs and meat of infected chickens. The use of antibiotics to combat these infections in chickens is no longer allowed as they pose a risk that bacteria gain antibiotic resistance. This will make infections of humans with these bacteria much more difficult to treat. Since the 1st of September 2017 I started as a PhD candidate on the project “Faag op Maat” (English: Tailored Phage) that develops alternative strategies for controlling Salmonella infections in chickens. These strategies include:


1. Enhancing the immune system with immune stimulation feed components.

2. The use of bacteriophages that can specifically kill Salmonella bacteria.


The aim of the project is to reduce the abundance Salmonella in chicken to improve the health status of chicken and reduce the risk of Salmonella infections in human.


The project “Faag op Maat” is a collaboration of Cell Biology and Immunology Group and Animal Nutrition Groups of Wageningen University & Research works with Trouw Nutrition, Micreos, NYtor and Agri Information Partners. It is financially supported by EFRO.