dr. S (Spyros) Paparrizos

dr. S (Spyros) Paparrizos

Assistant Professor Water & Climate Information Services

I am a hydro-climatologist working in the field of Water & Climate Information Services (WCIS) for society and co-developing research-based, tailor-made information services with and for end-users. The main question that drives me, is:

“How can we harness the potential of hydroclimatic information and knowledge sharing platforms and combine them with local knowledge from societal actors to deliver actinable knowledge to support adaptive decision-making?”

To answer that question, I am working towards combining data-driven and user-driven approaches for tailored water and climate information services by:

(1) further understanding of the integration of local knowledge in the provision of hydroclimatic information;

(2) understanding the role of co-production and co-creation within the design and delivery of the WCIS as well as the role of capacity building within those processes;

(3) Develop data-based information services;

(4) understanding the mechanisms that provide actionable knowledge to support adaptive decision-making.


- For more info on the projects that I am working on, see the Projects subpage

- For more personal information, visit: http://paparrizos.blogspot.com/