EHV swabs order form

The PCR test for EHV (Rhinopneumonitis) requires a nasal mucus sample. This can be taken with a swab (cotton bud).

EHV swabs bestellen

You can order nasal swabs by completing the form below and sending it to The swabs are sold in packs of 10 and cost €1.55 per swab. This excludes an administration fee, postage and VAT.


The swabs can be used for other kinds of testing, so this price is just for the swab. The cost of the test is not included.

Returning the swabs

In order to perform a reliable PCR test for EHV, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research will need to receive the swabs within 48 hours of the sample being taken. The swabs need to be kept chilled during transport, which can be done by adding a freezer block to the package.