Former Wageningen Marine Research employee and ice net SUIT travel to Alaska

2. Juli 2020

Last November, former Wageningen Marine Research employee Hauke Flores joined an expedition on board the research vessel Sikuliaq, together with an international team of researchers and the SUIT (Surface and Under Ice Trawl). In a beautiful movie, they talk about their work and findings during the expedition.

Colleague researchers of the University of Alaska Fairbanks are interested in the life cycle of polar cod and wanted, amongst other things, to investigate if the fish also resides underneath the Arctic sea ice during this season. In order to do this they had their own SUIT build by our net technician Michiel van Dorssen on Texel.

This SUIT was then transported to Alaska to be used during the expedition, and also Michiel joined on board to help with the fishing. The goal of their research is nicely explained in the movie. In addition, beautiful footage can be seen of the work on board, which nicely shows how SUIT is used to sample the surface water under the sea ice.

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A film by John and Becca Guillote of "On Point Outreach"