Veni-grants awarded to Stefan Geisen

21. August 2017

Stefan Geisen has been awarded a Veni-grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Geissen Stefan2.jpg

Veni, for researchers who recently obtained their doctorate, is a part of NWO's Talent Scheme programme along with Vidi and Vici. Laureates receive 250,000 euros to develop their ideas over a three-year period. 154 researchers were awarded Veni-grants this year, out of 1127 eligible applicants.

Stefan Geisen (NIOO Terrestrial Ecology) - Soil protists and plants: who is in control?

Protists are microbial organisms that promote plant performance by releasing nutrients from their bacterial prey. Yet it remains unknown if plants select for their own protist community, and if higher diversity affects plant performance. Stefan Geisen will address this research-question by examining plant-protist interactions in different successional stages.