Projekte - dr. B (Bart) Lagerwaard

Mitochondrial Health in the Ageing Muscle

Part of Mitchondrial Health, TIFN

June 2016 - June 2020

The age-driven process of loss muscle function and mass is thought to be in part mediated by mitochondrial healh. Mitochondria are cell organelles generate energy for cellular processes by oxidation of macromolecules, such as fats and sugars. Both capacity of the mitochondria to oxidise macromolecules and the amount of mitochondria is observed to decrease with age, limiting physical function. Improving or sustaining mitochondrial health could delay the ageing process in the muscle, herewith retaining physical function and improving quality of life.

However, current well-established methods for measuring mitochondrial function are often invasive, such as muscle biopsies, or too expensive and time consuming for routine measurements. Therefore the aim of this project is to further establish non-invasive and robust measurements for mitochondrial health, especially in fragile populations such as elderly. As part of this project I am looking into near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). NIRS is a technique that can be used to monitor muscle oxygenation non-invasively in vivo in humans.

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