Unterricht - CR (Cathelijne) Stoof

I teach in the following Wageningen University courses:

  • SGL-10309 Integration Course Soil, Water and Atmosphere (first year BSc)
  • SGL-30306 Inventory Techniques in Geosciences (first year MSc)
  • SOQ-33306 Integrated Natural Resource Management in Organic Agriculture (first year MSc)
  • SGL-23806 Fundamentals of Landscapes (new pre-master course Landscape Architecture)


Besides these courses, I have a range of topics available for BSc and MSc theses and internships, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Projects can include lab, field and modeling work on e.g. soil hydrology and water repellency, plant-soil interactions, biochar effects, erosion, wildland fires, soil science communication. Joint projects with other groups in Wageningen are also a possibility - please contact me for details.

  • SGL-80812 BSc thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
  • SGL-80424 through to SGL-80439 Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape
  • SGL-70424 through to SGL-70439 Internship Soil Geography and Landscape


SGL-34306 Pyrogeography
SGL-80812 BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
YWU-30306 Interdisciplinary Topics in Earth and Environment
SGL-24306 Fundamentals of Landscapes