EMJ (Evelien) Vaessen MSc

EMJ (Evelien) Vaessen MSc

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Low Energy Living Bacterial Food Formulations

February 2016-January 2020


Probiotic bacteria are gaining more and more interest in both medical and nutritional applications. They are often supplied to the customer in dried formulation in order to increase product shelf-life. Nowadays living bacteria are usually dried using the energy consuming freeze drying process. Spray drying is another type of drying in which hot air is used to dry the material; a process commonly applied in food industry and less energy consuming than freeze-drying. However, bacterial viability after spray drying is very low because of the higher temperatures involved. A pre-treatment step, which makes the bacteria more robust towards the harsher conditions, could improve the viability after spray drying.


The aim of this project is to develop a novel method, employing pulsed electric field treatment, in order to increase the viability of probiotic bacteria after spray drying.

This project is supported by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT).