GJ (Gert Jan) Hofstede GJ (Gert Jan) Hofstede

Personal Professor Artificial Sociality

Gert Jan Hofstede was born in the Netherlands in 1956. He graduated as a population biologist, with a PhD in production planning, a career in Information Systems and a track record as a speaker on culture.

Gert Jan's long-standing aim is teasing out the generic dynamics of human social behaviour. His stance is that people are not unpredictable, but ill-understood. Knowledge is patchy, obscuring the big picture. He uses simulation gaming and social simulation as preferred methods that integrate knowledge from many fields to yield operable knowledge that can be applied in all kinds of practical contexts. In 2015 he co-organized the Summer School of ESSA, European Social Simulation Association, see video report. In 2016 he founded SiLiCo together with co-researcers in Complex Adaptive Systems. He is a personal professor, that is, a full professor based on his work's merit, in Artificial Sociality. See his inaugural lecture here.

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