Unterricht - GHJ (Gert) Kema BSc


YPS-82318 BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
NEM-20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases
PHP-50803 Capita Selecta Phytopathology
PHP-50806 Capita Selecta Phytopathology
PHP-70224 MSc Internship Phytopathology
GEN-20806 Plant Biotechnology
PHP-30306 Plant-Microbe Interactions
PHP-70424 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-80424 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80436 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-50306 The Magic of Mushroom and Mould Biology
ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
YBI-70324 BSc Internship Biology