Projekte - M (Gosia) Teodorowicz PhD

Sep 2015 - now Post-doc researcher in the STW project titled "Immunogenicity of heated and Advanced Glycated cows milk End-products" .

Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 Post-doc researcher in the project titled "Processing of milk hydrolysated and cow's milk allergy: the role of glycation and aggregarion" finansed by Friesland Campina.

Oct 2012- Sep 2015 Management of individual Marie Curie post-doctoral project titled The influence of processing method on the pro-inflammatory properties of food and pathogenesis of food-related diseases

Dec 2008 Sep 2010 Management of individual research project for outstanding PhD students funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education titled Influence of glycation on biological properties of 7S globulin isolated from peanuts  (Arachis hypogeae L.).     

Oct 2005 Jun 2010 Participation in the EuroPrevall project The prevalence cost and basis of food allergy in Europe (EU 6th FP, FOOD-CT-2005-514000). Theme 3 : Allergen structure and the Food Matrix. EuroPrevall was an EU-funded multidisciplinary integrated project (IP) involving 17 European member-states

Oct 2005 oct 2001 Participation in the following research projects funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: (1) The influence of opioid peptides derived from different genetic variants of bovine casein on the expression of MOP and DPPIV in the hybrid system in vitro with the use of Caco-2 cell line and PBMCs isolated from healthy and allergic donors, (2) The influence of human milk and milk formulas on the intestine functions of healthy and allergic neonates (3) Analysis of peptide fraction isolated from different types of baby formula with the concentration on biological properties of µ-opioid receptor agonist and antagonist peptides. (4) Biological role of ß-casomorphins and symptoms of food hypersensitivity in naturally fed infants