G (Guixin) Li

G (Guixin) Li

PhD student

Research conducted by the Laboratory of Nematology is part of the research prgram of the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) and the C.T. de Wit Graduate School for Production Ecology & Resource Conservation (PE&RC)


I am interested in soil biodiversity and potential interactions in soil food webs, I conducted observational research across large spatial scale in Tibetan grasslands to detect the biotic and abiotic factors influence nematode distribution and biomass. Furthermore, to analyses the ß-diversity of nematode and the linkage between aboveground vegetation and belowground nematode phylogenetic interactions.

In the future, I will join ongoing work and learn about protist and nematode interaction studies as well as state-of-the-art molecular analyses techniques. I will then focus on setting up interaction experiment to decipher the currently unknown role of protists and nematodes in food wed in soils, starting from laboratory microcosm experiments to greenhouse experiments to field experiments.

Furthermore, I want to expand on the knowledge of ecosystem functioning, meanwhile, we can take more action to face the climate change.