Unterricht - dr. IM (Marleen) Buizer

Discourse and Democracy in Cities and the Urban-Rural Interface

Marleen's teaching experience as a coordinator, coach and lecturer covers BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Her teaching is on theories and ethics, interpretive research methodologies, addresses skills and reflective attitudes, and perhaps most importantly, on making these practical. She takes a special interest in discourse theories and methods, in the performativity of concepts and in practice-based and transdisciplinary approaches.

She supervises students working on topics related to environmental sustainability, place-making and public policy, the role of knowledge(s!), conflict and participation, civic initiatives and importantly, the connected current big questions of democracy. 


CPT-25306 Research Methods for Communication Sciences
CPT-32806 Change, Inter-human Processes and Communication
CPT-56306 Analysing Discourse: Theories, Methods and Techniques
CPT-36806 Critical Reflection on Research in International Development Practice
FNP-31806 Social and Political Theory for Forest and Nature Conservation Research
LUP-24306 Concepts and Approaches in Planning Practices
CPT-33306 Communication Strategies in Everyday Life