PE (Pieternel) Cremers MSc

PE (Pieternel) Cremers MSc

Study Advisor MTO & MMD

After obtaining my BBA in International Tourism Management and Consultancy at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (now: BUas) in 2009 I moved to New Zealand to work for a local tour operator in hiking and cycling holidays. After a couple of years I decided to move back to The Netherlands and start my MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment (now: Tourism, Society and Environment) at Wageningen University, from which I graduated cum laude in February 2015.

I now work as the study advisor for two master programmes:

- The MSc Tourism, Society and Environment (yes, back to my WUR roots). This MSc programme critically examines the growing significance and complexity of tourism. Our students are able to identify the problems behind tourism, but are also able to contribute to effective and sustainable solutions in tourism.

- The MSc Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering is a joint degree between Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology and we are located at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in Amsterdam. Our students learn to create innovative solutions for the challenges that metropolitan regions are facing in securing environmental change, urban sustainability and the quality of life in cities.