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Between Heaven and Earth: Multitrophic Interactions.
This research uses conceptual approaches towards the unraveling of the relation between above and below ground multitrophic interactions. Direct and indirect plant defense strategies, succession and biodiversity are important concepts herein. One of the most important research questions is "How are below and above ground multitrophic interactions connected en related to genetic, species and spatial diversity?"

For example, plants van defend themselves against above and below ground parasites. Some defense mechanisms are always active, i.e. thorns of a plant, we refer tot this as constitutive defense. In addition, the defense may be triggered: (secundary) chemical plant compounds. Volatile compounds, released by plants when attacked by caterpillars, are used to attract natural enemies of the caterpillars. We have indication that these kind of interaction take place in soil as well.

How is the defense system within a plant organized over below and above ground parts? A general plant response is transport of defense compounds to the tips of fresh leaves when attacked by above ground enemies. What happens to the leaves if the root is attacked? The response appears related to the combination of plant species and root grazer. For example, defense compounds were in certain circumstances equally divided over all leaves when attacked by parasites. The reason is still unclear. It is possible that compounds that are used to regenerate the root system are produced in old leaves. In addition, it seems that the direction of transport of nutrients is dependent on the kind of root grazer. In case of nematode infestations, the defense compounds head a different direction then compared to a carrot fly (Psila rosae (F.). The plant defense compounds seem to be taken up by caterpillars, wasps and their natural enemies (hyperparsitoids). These insects can be literally regarded as "are what they eat". By focus on multitrophic model systems we try to infer general patterns from the diversity of systems.

Research group:

  • Morgane van Antro
  • Sam Bielen
  • Zhaoqi Bin
  • Yuting Dong
  • Steven de Goede
  • Xu Han
  • Robin Lexmond
  • Keli Li
  • Luis Merloti
  • Christian Pena
  • Paola Rallo
  • Sophie van Rijssel
  • Haymanti Saha
  • Xianhui Shi
  • Merlijn Schram
  • Isabelle van de Zanden
  • Ruotong Zhao

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