Projekte - dr. Y (Yutong) Qiu

My research activities is mainly on sustainable and especially non-chemical insect pest management of agricultural and horticultural crops, with special focus on quarantine organisms. 

One example of my research projects is the recently started PPS project " Developing effective and sustainable technologies to ensure pest-free international trade chains of horticultural products". In this project 11 partners from industry and research work together. The research focus on the development of new technologies that can kill insect pests that travels around with the ornamental plants (chrysanthemum and flower bulbs), vegetables (tomato, pepper) and fruit (apple and pear) in sustainable and effective way. One of the goal is to further develop the CATT (controlled atmosphere and temperature treatment) technique and upscaling for practical application for several pest product combinations. 

Next to my research activities I am also occupied with China business development for Plant Sciences Group because of my Chinese background. I am developing research and knowledge transformation project in a form of the PPS, but with Chinese public and private partners.