Water, werk en waterwerken : de ontwikkeling van irrigatietechnologie in het stroomgebied van de Segura, Zuidoost - Spanje

Bentum, M. van


This book deals with irrigation technology, with special reference to the social process of its construction, use and adaptation. The aim is to bring (back) designing of irrigation technology closer to the practice of farming. Besides, this book tries to contribute in a specific way to the general notion that technology development is related to social, political and economic changes. It is based on empirical research carried out in irrigated agricultural areas in the lower Segura River basin in South East Spain. One of the main conclusions is that the possibility to adapt the irrigation system to the specific requirements of the agricultural production process, is an important condition to successful irrigation development. Based on knowledge of the existing variety of the agricultural production process, the irrigation engineer should subordinate his or her own frame of reference to that of the future users of the irrigation system.