Boars on the way : results of the 5 year Dutch research programme 'Boars heading for 2018'

Backus, G.B.C.; Smet, A. de; Wagenberg, C.P.A. van; Valeeva, N.I.; Tacken, G.M.L.; Kornelis, M.; Snoek, H.M.; Broek, E.M.F. van den; Immink, V.M.; Haaster-de Winter, M.A. van; Peet-Schwering, C.M.C. van der; Fels, J.B. van der; Riel, J.W. van


The programme 'Boars Heading for 2018’ is an initiative by the Dutch pork production chain represented in the Stop Castration steering committee. The report compiles 50 individual studies from a research programme that was carried out over a five-year period (2009-2013) in the Netherlands. The main results of the research program are presented in this report. The report contains 6 chapters, each of them including several project results: 1. Setting the stage, 2. Consumer, 3. Detection, 4 Preventive measures, 5. Behaviour of boars, 6. Boar taint economics and international developments.