The Metabolomics Society—Current State of the Membership and Future Directions

Zanetti, Krista A.; Hall, R.D.; Griffin, J.L.; Putri, Sastia; Salek, Reza M.; Styczynski, Mark P.; Tugizimana, Fidele; Hooft, J.J.J. van der


Background: In 2017, the Metabolomics Society conducted a survey among its members to assess the degree of its current success, define opportunities for improving its service to the community and make plans to establish future goals and direction of the Society. Methods: A 32-question online survey was sent via e-mail to all Metabolomics Society members as of 19 June 2017 (n = 644).
In addition to the direct e-mails, the link to access the survey was made available through social media. The survey was open until 10 August 2017. Question-specific data were reported using the summary data generated by SurveyMonkey and additional stratified analyses performed using Stata 15. Results: The number of respondents was 394 (61%) with 348 (88%) completing the multiple-choice questions in survey. Metabolomics Society annual meetings, networking and the opportunity to join the global metabolomics community were among the most important benefits expressed by the Metabolomics
Society members. Conclusions: The survey collected the first data focusing on membership issues from Society members. The Society should focus on collecting and monitoring of demographic data during the membership registration process; continuing to support the early-career members of
the Society; and developing initiatives that focus on member networking to retain and increase Society membership.