Discovery of Thanafactin A, a Linear, Proline-Containing Octalipopeptide from Pseudomonas sp. SH-C52, Motivated by Genome Mining

Kirchner, Norbert; Cano-Prieto, Carolina; Schulz-Fincke, Anna Christina; Gütschow, Michael; Ortlieb, Nico; Moschny, Julia; Niedermeyer, Timo H.J.; Horak, Jeannie; Lämmerhofer, Michael; Voort, Menno Van Der; Raaijmakers, Jos M.; Gross, Harald


Genome mining of the bacterial strains Pseudomonas sp. SH-C52 and Pseudomonas fluorescens DSM 11579 showed that both strains contained a highly similar gene cluster encoding an octamodular nonribosomal peptide synthetase (NRPS) system which was not associated with a known secondary metabolite. Insertional mutagenesis of an NRPS component followed by comparative profiling led to the discovery of the corresponding novel linear octalipopeptide thanafactin A, which was subsequently isolated and its structure determined by two-dimensional NMR and further spectroscopic and chromatographic methods. In bioassays, thanafactin A exhibited weak protease inhibitory activity and was found to modulate swarming motility in a strain-specific manner.