Corrigendum to “Using a positive deviance approach to inform farming systems redesign: A case study from Bihar, India”

Adelhart Toorop, Roos; Ceccarelli, Viviana; Bijarniya, Deepak; Jat, Mangi Lal; Jat, Raj Kumar; Lopez-Ridaura, Santiago; Groot, Jeroen C.J.


The authors regret that in Table 2 of our article, two values are incorrect. The second value in column 4 (Type 3), 12 TLU ha−1 is replaced by ‘2 heads’ and the second value in column 6 (Type 5) 28.2 TLU ha−1 is replaced by ‘–’. The corrected table is reproduced directly below. The authors would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. DOI of original article: