Grievance Regulations

Formal Grievance Regulations for Facilities and Services Wageningen UR, approved 28/01/10

The Facilities and Services department operates 2 service desks: the IT Service Desk and the F&S Service Desk. These service desks form the central point of contact for users of the services provided by or via Facilities and Services.

The responsibilities of the service desks include recording faults, requests and complaints relating to the services provided by the Library, the IT Department and other Facilities and Services departments.

The service desks document and deal with all these reports. In other words, the service desk either deals with the report itself or passes it on to the party that is responsible. The person reporting the matter is told how it will be dealt with and updated on the progress.

If you are dissatisfied about the way IT, the Library or one of the other F&S departments deals with a problem, you may file a formal complaint. The grievance regulations work as follows:

  1. Depending on the service concerned, grievances should be reported to:
    • IT: tel. 0317-488888
    • Library and F&S (other services): tel. 0317-486666
  2. The grievance will be registered within 1 working day and the complainant will be sent confirmation stating a call number via e-mail.
  3. The person dealing with the grievance will inform the complainant about the proposed solution or measures to be taken within five working days of receipt. If it is going to take longer than five working days to deal with the grievance, the complainant will be informed within said period. The complainant will also be informed about the steps he/she may take if he/she is not satisfied with the solution that is being proposed.

Are you dissatisfied about the way your formal grievance has been handled?

If so, you may lodge an objection with the head of the F&S department concerned within four weeks of receiving your answer. You will be given an opportunity to come and explain your objection in your own words.

If you do not make use of this opportunity, the head of the F&S department concerned will issue a definitive decision within two weeks.

If the parties still fail to reach a satisfactory conclusion after your verbal explanation of the grievance and objection, you will be sent a written definitive decision about resolving your grievance within the following two weeks. The letter will also explain your options should you wish to take your grievance to the director of Facilities & Services.