Unterricht - prof.dr. A (Aarti) Gupta

Aarti Gupta teaches introductory and advanced courses in international environmental politics and diplomacy, and lectures in courses on accountability in global environmental governance.  She has also taught courses in environmental policy: analysis and evaluation, as well as bachelors' thesis preparation. 

She is the recipient of 7 annual Wageningen Excellence in Education Awards over the period 2008 - 2019 (three for excellence in lecturing; and four for her course being in the top 25-30 at the University in a given year). In 2010, she was listed 2nd of 25 top lecturers at the University.

She is currently supervising 7 PhD students and various MSc thesis students in the areas of global environmental politics, forest and climate governance, and the science-politics interface.


ENP-79224 MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
PAP-32306 Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations
ENP-30306 International Environmental Policy
ENP-80424 MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-39306 Advanced International Environmental Politics and Diplomacy
PAP-31306 Politics, Policy Making and Accountability in International Arenas for Development
LAW-39206 Transnational Environmental Law and Regulation