Unterricht - dr. A (Alejandro) Morales Sierra

MEng Forestry (University of Cordoba, Spain)

MEng Agronomy (University of Cordoba, Spain)

MSc Plant Sciences (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

PhD (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)


MAT-52306 Advanced data analysis for agricultural research
CSA-70724 MSc Internship Crop Physiology
CSA-78324 MSc Research Practice Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-78424 MSc Research Practice Crop Physiology
CSA-34306 Ecological Modelling and Data Analysis
CSA-80424 MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-80924 MSc Thesis Crop Physiology
YPS-10301 Wageningen Academic Preparation Week MPS, MPB, MOA