ing. HCA (Bert) Rijk

ing. HCA (Bert) Rijk


Education and research associate
Wageningen University and Research,
Chair group: Plant Production systems
2003 - present, Wageningen, Netherlands
Perform and co-ordinate courses in moderate climate arable farming:
Knowledge of crops, agro-ecology, grassland science, farming systems analysis and design.
Research: Analysis of plant production ecology aspects, crop management, yield gap

Researcher in crop protection agents
De Bredelaar
2001 – 2002 (1 year), Elst, Netherlands
Co-ordinating, performing and compiling field and greenhouse trials on the efficacy and crop safety of crop protection agents. 

Research and development in crop protection agents
1992 – 2000 (8 years), Arnhem, Netherlands
Co-ordinator of field and greenhouse trials on the efficacy and crop safety of crop protection agents.
Composition of the biological dossiers for the official approval of crop protection agents.
Responsible for the quality of the trials supporting the biological dossier.

Fodder and amenity grass breeder
Van der Have
1986 – 1992 (6 years), Rilland, Netherlands
Co-ordinator of the breeding program carried out on different company stations in Western Europe 

Extension officer arable farming
Governmental Agricultural Extension Service
1979 – 1986 (6 years), Zeeland, Netherlands
Advisor for individual and farmer's groups on crop management in the broadest sense, soil fertility, economics, machinery, buildings. Also supporting study groups, writing articles and giving presentations.