Bouda  Vosough Ahmadi

Bouda Vosough Ahmadi

I am Bouda Vosough Ahmadi and I graduated from Wageningen University of the Netherlands at both MSc and PhD levels. After my graduation, I’ve been working as a researcher in the field of agricultural economics at various universities and international research centres such as European Commission. In parallel to my professional work, I have been a representative of Wageningen University since 2004. I am more than happy to provide my support and assistance to you if have any questions about a study at Wageningen University, Master (MSc) and PhD programmes, visa procedures, student and social life in Wageningen or any questions about the Netherlands in general. My efforts are focused on supporting students to find their suitable study programme and facilitate the process of starting their studies. I have offices in Iran and in the United Kingdom and I am happy to support prospective students from the both countries.