dr.ir. G (Gerrit) Karssen

dr.ir. G (Gerrit) Karssen

Research fellow

Prof. Gerrit Karssen is working since 1991 as a full time nematode taxonomist at the National Plant Protection Organization, Wageningen, The Netherlands. He studied Biology at University Utrecht and received a PhD in Biology (cum laude) at Ghent University on a taxonomical revision of the European root-knot nematodes. At present, his job includes identification and alpha taxonomical research on plant-parasitic nematodes and he is curator at the Wageningen Nematode Collection (WaNeCo). Gerrit teaches on the identification of plant-parasitic nematodes at Wageningen University and lectures on the Tylenchomorpha taxonomy at Ghent University. He is also editorial board member of the journals: Journal of Nematode Morphology and Systematics, ZooKeys, Russian Journal of Nematology, Nematologia Mediterranea and Redi

Nematode Collection Europe: http://www.nce.nu/

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