dr. SL (Sarah) Carter

dr. SL (Sarah) Carter


Sarah is currently the manager of the GOFC-GOLD (Global Observation for Forest Cover and Land Dynamics) Land Cover office, and the Research and Development component of the GFOI (Global Forest Observations Initiative) and has been involved with GOFC-GOLD since early 2017. During her PhD, Sarah coordinated a World Bank funded project on capacity building for REDD+ MRV.

Sarah's current research interests include REDD+ MRV, monitoring SDGs using remote sensing data, monitoring for land use conflicts, food security, forest protection, carbon finance, and climate change. 

Sarah has a PhD from Wageningen University entitled "Deforestation and agriculture in the tropics: carbon emissions and options for mitigation".  The project was funded through CIFOR, as part of the Global Comparative Study on REDD+. This is aligned with the CGIAR cross-cutting group Climate Change Agriculture & Food Security (CCAFS)

A short background: Prior to coming to Wageningen, she completed a BSc. at The University of York, UK (Environment, Economics & Ecology) and a MSc. at The University of Edinburgh, UK (Resource Management). and worked on several projects around the world in the themes of carbon finance, biochar, (agro)forestry and small-scale energy. A full CV can be found on Linkedin.  

A current list of publications can be found on google scholar