Projekte - TM (Tamika) Wopereis

Healthy and sustainable food environments in Dutch neighborhoods

The aim of this project is to investigate how healthy and sustainable food environments can be co-created, implemented and maintained in Dutch neighborhoods of the Foodvalley region. Various settings/pilots are used for this:

- Co-creation of a healthy and sustainable food environment in Veenendaal with residents, entrepreneurs, social workers, policy advisors.

- Evaluation of an event policy for healthy and sustainable food environments at events in Wageningen

-  Evaluation of public-private partnership for a healthy and sustainable train station Ede-Wageningen

Here you will find more information about this project. This PhD project is carried out from september 2020 until september 2022 and is part of the Regio Deal Foodvalley. The supervisors are: promotor: Prof. dr. Emely de Vet (WUR), co-promotors: dr. Maartje Poelman (WUR) and dr. Marleen Gillebaart (Utrecht University).