Y (Yanning) Qiu

Y (Yanning) Qiu


I am a PhD student focusing on restoration ecology, more specifically, restoration projects implemented in northwest China (drylands in China). 

China possesses a large area of drylands, and has suffered from severe degradation due to unlimited overexploitation in history. To reverse the degradation trend and improve environmental conditions, large-scale restoration projects have been implemented since 1950s. Recent satellite images have revealed a significant greening trend, demonstrating the efficiency of those restoration projects. 

Combining remote sensing analysis and detailed field monitoring, I am currently trying to 1) evaluate the efficiency of the restoration projects in China; 2) detect if and to what extent Early Warning Signals (EWS) could help to predict the restoration status during the recovery process; 3) map the resilience of Chinese dryland, i.e., distinguish drylands which are suitable for restoration and which are not; 4) identify effective ways to restore natural dryland vegetation.

Current research tools I use include but not limited to: remote sensing, GIS, biostatistical modeling, as well as field monitoring.