Impulse, building number 115

Impulse serves as a meeting place for countless groups including researchers, lecturers, students, business people, social organisations and decentralised government.

Adresse Stippeneng 2
Gebäudenummer 115
6708 WE Wageningen
location_phone_label +31 317-482828
Öffnungszeiten On Mon, Wed and Fri Impulse is open from 8:00 to 19:00.
On Tue and Thu Impulse is open from 8:00 to 23:00

Impulse and the restaurant are closed from Friday December 20th 17.00 till Monday January 6th 7.30 hr.


Signs directing you to Wageningen Campus are placed along all major access roads to Wageningen. Once on the campus, follow the ‘P-route’ to car park P3. Here (and at all the other main car parks) you will find signs with directions to the various buildings on the campus. Impulse's building number is 115.